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(use srfi-1 srfi-18 mojo ncurses ncurses-more coops miscmacros tcp matchable)
(define (w x) (inexact->exact (round (* 7 x))))
(define (h x) (inexact->exact (round (* 4 x))))
(define-class <pit> (<win>)
((name: accessor: pit-name)
(width: (w 1))
(height: (h 1))
(highlight: accessor: pit-highlight initform: #f)
(owner: accessor: pit-owner)
(count: accessor: pit-count initform: 3)
(next: accessor: pit-next)
(prev: accessor: pit-prev)
(opposite: accessor: pit-opposite initform: #f)))
(define-class <kalaha> (<pit>)
((width: (w 2))
(height: (h 2))
(left: 1)
(top: 1)
(count: 0)))
(define (pit? pit)
(eq? <pit> (class-of pit)))
(define (kalaha? pit)
(eq? <kalaha> (class-of pit)))
(define (make-pits count init-prev owner #!key top relation left right)
(fold (lambda (i pits)
(let* ((prev (car pits))
(pit (make <pit>
owner: owner
name: i
relation prev
prev: prev
left: left
right: right
top: top)))
(set! (pit-next prev) pit)
(cons pit pits)))
(list init-prev)
(iota count)))))
(define kalaha-opponent
(make <kalaha>
owner: 'opponent
name: 'opponent))
(define pits-player (make-pits 6 kalaha-opponent 'player
relation: #:right-of
top: (+ 1 (h 1))
left: 1))
(define kalaha-player
(make <kalaha>
owner: 'player
name: 'player
right-of: (last pits-player)
prev: (last pits-player)
left: 1
top: 1))
(set! (pit-next (last pits-player)) kalaha-player)
(define pits-opponent (make-pits 6 kalaha-player 'opponent
relation: #:left-of
top: 1
right: 1))
(for-each (lambda (p o)
(set! (pit-opposite p) o)
(set! (pit-opposite o) p))
(reverse pits-opponent))
(set! (pit-next (last pits-opponent)) kalaha-opponent)
(set! (pit-prev kalaha-opponent) (last pits-opponent))
(define-method (draw-win after: (pit <pit>) height width top left)
(let ((text (number->string (pit-count pit))))
(mvwaddstr (win-pointer pit)
(inexact->exact (round (- (/ height 2) 1)))
(inexact->exact (round (- (/ width 2) (/ (string-length text) 2))))
(define-method (print-object (pit <pit>) #!optional (out (current-output-port)))
(fprintf out "#<~a " (select (class-of pit)
((<pit>) 'pit)
((<kalaha>) 'kalaha)))
(display (pit-owner pit) out)
(select (class-of pit)
((<kalaha>) (display ">" out))
((<pit>) (fprintf out " ~a>" (slot-value pit #:name)))))
(define focus #f)
(define-method (draw-win before: (pit <pit>) . args)
(let ((win (win-pointer pit)))
(when (eq? focus pit)
(wattron win (COLOR_PAIR 1)))))
(define-method (draw-win around: (pit <pit>) . args)
(if (pit-highlight pit)
(let ((win (win-pointer pit)))
(wattron win (COLOR_PAIR 2))
(wattroff win (COLOR_PAIR 2))
(set! (pit-highlight pit) #f))
(define-method (update-win after: (pit <pit>) . args)
(wstandend (win-pointer pit)))
(define (set-focus! win)
(when win
(set! focus win)))
(define (find-pit player from dir)
(let loop ((pit (dir from)))
(and (eq? (pit-owner pit) player)
(not (kalaha? pit))
(if (zero? (pit-count pit))
(loop (dir pit))
(define (make-turn player kalaha pit)
(let loop ((count (pit-count pit))
(npit (pit-next pit)))
(let ((next (lambda (drop)
(when drop
(dec! (pit-count pit))
(inc! (pit-count npit)))
(set! (pit-highlight npit) #t)
(thread-sleep! .5)
(loop (if drop (sub1 count) count)
(pit-next npit)))))
(cond ((zero? count)
(let* ((prev (pit-prev npit))
(player-owns? (eq? player (pit-owner prev))))
(when player-owns?
(let ((opposite-pit (pit-opposite prev)))
(when (and opposite-pit
(= 1 (pit-count prev))
(> (pit-count opposite-pit) 0))
(set! (pit-highlight opposite-pit) #t)
(inc! (pit-count kalaha) (add1 (pit-count opposite-pit)))
(set! (pit-count opposite-pit) 0)
(set! (pit-count prev) 0)
(thread-sleep! .5))))
(and player-owns? (kalaha? prev))))
((eq? (pit-owner npit) player)
(next #t))
((kalaha? npit)
(next #f))
(else (next #t))))))
(define (make-random-opponent-turn)
(let ((opp (filter (lambda (p) (> (pit-count p) 0)) pits-opponent)))
(unless (null? opp)
(let ((pit (list-ref opp (random (length opp)))))
(set-focus! pit)
(make-turn 'opponent kalaha-opponent pit)))))
(define game-over #f)
(define (game-over? #!optional pits)
(if pits
(every (o zero? pit-count) pits)
(or game-over
(when (or (game-over? pits-player)
(game-over? pits-opponent))
(set! game-over #t))
(define (finish-game!)
(cond ((= (pit-count kalaha-player)
(pit-count kalaha-opponent))
(set-status! "It's a draw!"))
((> (pit-count kalaha-player)
(pit-count kalaha-opponent))
(set-status! "You win!"))
(else (set-status! "You lose!"))))
(define (play-player)
(when remote-game?
(fprintf remote-out "~A~%" (pit-name focus)))
(if (make-turn 'player kalaha-player focus)
(define (refocus-player!)
(set-focus! (find-pit 'player kalaha-opponent pit-next)))
(define (read-remote-turn)
(let* ((line (read-line remote-in))
(_ (when (eof-object? line)
(fprintf (current-error-port) "~A has left the game~%" opponent-name)
(exit 1)))
(name (string->number line)))
(find (lambda (pit)
(eq? (pit-name pit) name))
(define (wait-for-remote-opponent-turn)
(let* ((pit (read-remote-turn)))
(set-focus! pit)
(make-turn 'opponent kalaha-opponent pit)))
(define (play-opponent)
(if (if remote-game?
(set! focus #f)
(define (switch-current-turn!)
(case current-turn
(set-current-turn! 'player)
(set-current-turn! 'opponent)
(set! focus #f))))
(define-class <status-win> (<win>)
((text "")))
(define status
(make <status-win>
below: kalaha-opponent
right-of: kalaha-opponent
left-of: kalaha-player
left: 1
right: 1
height: 3))
(define-method (draw-win after: (win <status-win>) height width . args)
(let* ((text (slot-value win 'text))
(x (inexact->exact (round (- (/ width 2) (/ (string-length text) 2))))))
(mvwaddstr (win-pointer win) 1 x text)))
(define-method (set-status! text)
(set! (slot-value status 'text) text))
(define current-turn #f)
(define player-name #f)
(define opponent-name "Opponent")
(define remote-game? #f)
(define remote-socket #f)
(define remote-in #f)
(define remote-out #f)
(define (set-current-turn! turn)
(set! current-turn turn)
(if (eq? 'player current-turn)
"Your turn"
(format "~A's turn" opponent-name))))
(match (command-line-arguments)
(("host" port . name)
(set! player-name (string-intersperse name " "))
(set! remote-socket (tcp-listen (string->number port)))
(print (format "waiting for connection on port ~a" port))
(set! remote-game? #t)
(receive (in out)
(tcp-accept remote-socket)
(set! remote-in in)
(set! remote-out out)
(set! opponent-name (read-line in))
(fprintf out "~A~%" player-name)
(set-current-turn! 'player)))
(("join" host port . name)
(set! player-name (string-intersperse name " "))
(set! remote-game? #t)
(receive (in out)
(tcp-connect host (string->number port))
(set! remote-in in)
(set! remote-out out)
(fprintf out "~A~%" player-name)
(set! opponent-name (read-line in))
(set-current-turn! 'opponent)))
(else (set-current-turn! 'player)))
(when (eq? 'player current-turn)
(set-focus! (car pits-player)))
(let loop ()
(cond ((game-over?)
(select (get-char)
((#\q) (exit))))
((eq? 'opponent current-turn)
(select (get-char)
(set-focus! (find-pit 'player focus pit-prev)))
(set-focus! (find-pit 'player focus pit-next)))
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