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<title>/* Position Is Everything */ &mdash; Modern browser bugs explained in detail!</title>
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Position Is Everything<br /> A compendium of <br />CSS positioning bugs
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browsers it replaces the title image. -->
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<blockquote class="note">
The <strong>Position is Everything</strong> domain expired at the start of March 2013. This site has been an immense help to me over the years and
I couldn't just sit and let this amazing resource disappear into the ether. With a little bit of host-file editing, DNS trickery and tedious
picking through various snapshots from to restore some missing images, I have managed to recover the site and restore PIE to its former glory.
If you spot any bugs, or would like to suggest an improvement, get in touch via <a href="">GitHub</a>.
<em>&ndash; The Operator</em>
<p class="intro">
I'm Big John, and here I attempt to describe and demonstrate some of the bugs found in web browsers, and to
show advanced CSS methods that work across all browsers.
<div class="announcement">
<p><strong>Big John does webinars on CSS!<strong></p>
<p style="margin: 15px 0;">
<a href="">
Big John on CSS: Explaining the Cascade</a> </p>
<p>Do you know...</p>
<li>the difference between a tag attribute and a CSS style?</li>
<li>what the '!important' keyword does to a declaration?</li>
<li>what CSS 'pseudo-classes' are, and why they're different from regular classes?</li>
<li>what the 'child' and 'sibling' combinators are?</li>
<li>what happens when two CSS rules attempt to apply different values to the same property of an element, and why?</li>
<li>how the weighting system of CSS actually works?</li>
<p>If you answered "No" to most of these questions, then this webinar is for you.</p>
<p style="margin: 15px 0;">
<a href="">
Big John on CSS: Dealing with IE6 - Parts 1 and 2</a> </p>
<p>Yes, Big John finally vents his spleen all over IE6, and you are the beneficiary.
There's <em>so much</em> to cover that it's in two parts, oy...</p>
<h3>Newest Content</h3>
<li> <a href="articles/dropshadows-gimp1.html">Making Drop Shadow Images for the PNG Drop Shadows Method</a>
&nbsp; For those who like the Four Sided PNG Drop Shadows method but aren't sure how the shadow image is made, this Gimp tutorial is for you!
<li> <a href="articles/dropshadows2.html">Four Sided PNG Drop Shadows [Revised and Improved!]</a>
&nbsp; Drop shadows on two sides are great, but on four sides they're twice as nice. For an "all-around" good time,
check out this surprisingly easy method, <em>now without the need for more than a single clean dropshadow image!</em>
<li> <a href="">Margins and Absolute Positioning</a>
&nbsp; The low-down on margin behaviors for absolutely positioned elements. Authored by Big John but hosted remotely. Be sure to come on back, y'hear?
<li> <a href="">Auto Positioning for Absolute Elements</a>
&nbsp; A different way to control absolutely positioned elements. Authored by Big John but hosted remotely.
<li> <a href="">The difference between 'The Flow' and 'Positioning' for Web Pages</a>
&nbsp; A basic CSS article for your perusal, authored by Big John but hosted remotely.
<h3><a href="ie-primer.html">Internet Explorer vs. the Standards</a></h3>
Do you want to know why our simple CSS positioning system ends up becoming so very frustrating
to so many unsuspecting coders? Go to this <a href="ie-primer.html">collection</a> of articles and demos
showing some of the major problems and ways to get around them.
Warning: Barf Alert!
<h3>Browser specific bug demos:</h3>
<a href="explorer.html">Explorer Exposed!</a>
&nbsp; Bugs found only in Internet Explorer.
<a href="op-omnibus.html">Opera Omnibus</a>
&nbsp; Bugs found only in Opera.
<a href="gecko.html">Open Source Oopsies</a>
&nbsp; Bugs found only in Gecko based browsers (N6+, Mozilla, Camino, etc.)
<h3><a href="articles.html">Articles We (and others) Wrote</a></h3>
A number of <a href="articles.html">in-depth articles</a>, with the emphasis on readability.
We have tried hard to make complex subjects clear, and we hope you agree.
<h3>Layout demos</h3>
<li> <a href="articles/dropshadows2.html">Four Sided PNG Drop Shadows</a>
&nbsp; PNG is the wave of the future, so get on your surfboard and see how they can
really jazz up your dropshadows.
<li> <a href="articles/pie-maker/pagemaker_2_9_home.html">ClevaTreva's New Improved Piefecta Page Maker</a>
&nbsp; Do you like the <strong>Piefecta</strong> layout, but back away fast after seeing the hairy-chested CSS
code behind it? Well fret not, because
<a style="font-weight: normal; color: #ffa;" href="javascript:location='mailto:\u0063\u0073\u0073\u0067\u0075\u0079\u0040\u0063\u006c\u0065\u0076\u0061\u0074\u0072\u0065\u0076\u0061\u002e\u0065\u0037\u0065\u0076\u0065\u006e\u002e\u0063\u006f\u006d';void 0">ClevaTreva</a>
has developed a <em>new</em>
version of his page maker, exclusively for PIE! Not only does it produce one, two, or three
column source ordered layouts without mussing your hair, but it will soon create dropshadows to boot!
This is almost <em>too much good stuff</em>. Thanks, Trev.
<li> <a href="articles/onetruelayout/index.html">In search of the One True Layout</a>
&nbsp; Want to be able to display your columns in any order? Want to be able to have
equal height columns without having to use faux columns? Want to be able to
align elements vertically across columns? So does
<a style="font-weight: normal; color: #ffa;" href="">Alex&nbsp;Robinson</a>.
Settle back as Alex reports on a group of techniques that will let you do all that,
for any number of columns you desire.
<li> <a href="articles/jello.html">The Jello Mold Piefecta</a>
&nbsp; The Piefecta layout, <em>now with a liquid center column</em>, poured into a
brand new Jello Mold wrapper invented and explained by
<a href="" style="font-weight: normal; color: #ffa;">Mike&nbsp;Purvis</a>.
Features: Source ordered, all cols same length, all areas tilable, customized
width behaviors.
<li> <a href="css-dropdowns.html">Deluxe CSS Dropdowns And Flyouts</a>
&nbsp; Presenting a slick combination of dropdowns and flyouts, all generated
via clean CSS. You're gonna like this!
<a href="css-flyout.html">All-CSS Flyout Nav</a>
&nbsp; The DOM generated horizontal flyout nav has a new challenger. Works in all
but IE/Mac, and degrades well. Enjoy!
<a href="guests/3colcomplex.html">Perched Upon a Lily Pad</a>
&nbsp; Holly Bergevin's tour de force layout demo shows just how complex a css layout can get
and still work well across modern browsers.
<a href="piefecta-rigid.html">The Piefecta 3-col Layout</a>
&nbsp; Rigid 3-col, all cols the same length, the center col is first in the source,
and pixel perfect across ALL modern browsers.
<h3>Cross-browser Bug Demos and Articles:</h3>
<a href="round-error.html">The 1px Rounding Error Problem</a>
&nbsp; A small but irritating flaw in the way boxes get rendered.
<li> <a href="bg-centering.html">Background Positioning vs. Centered Elements</a>
&nbsp; Yet another form of 1px error, caused by mixed centering methods. It may
never happen to you, but if it does and you are not ready, better have your analyst
on speed-dial!
<li> <a href="easyclearing.html">How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup</a>
&nbsp;At last, a way to dispense with those pesky extra clearing elements. Adapted from a demo by
<a href="" style="font-weight: normal; color: #ffa;">Tony&nbsp;Aslett</a>, and now
with a clean CSS fix for IE/Mac to replace the ugly Javascript hack. Woohoo!
<a href="posbugs.html">Going Absolutely Buggy</a>
&nbsp;What happens when absolutely positioned boxes are nested.
<a href="abs_relbugs.html">Absolutely Buggy II</a>
&nbsp;Nesting absolute boxes inside a relative box. (have you done this yet?)
<h4><a href="guests.html">Guest demos</a></h4>
Contrary to widespread belief, I <em>can't</em> do it all! Here, other coders try their hand
at demoization.
<br />
<p class="small alignright">
<a href="design/index.html"
title=" Big John's Advanced CSS Design "><strong>Big John Design</strong></a>
<a href="">Contact Us</a>
&copy;<br />
Last updated: 31 May, 2011<br />
Created May 5, 2002
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<h3><a href="design/index.html">Big John Design</a><br />
<span>Web Design and Consulting</span></h3>
Want a CSS/JS guru to make your site push the boundaries of the possible?
Need someone to call about your broken site?
Consider <a style="display: inline; text-decoration: underline;"
for your more <em>difficult</em> coding requirements. JQuery a specialty.
ASP.NET supported.
<p>Past clients include: <br /> <a href="">Baercom</a>,
<a href="">Milo</a>,
and <a href="">Alphabetsigns</a>.
<p style="margin-top: 20px;">
<a href="">Big John's Linkedin bio</a>
<h3 style="margin-top: 20px;">Webinars:</h3>
<li><a href="" title=" Learn from Big John ">CSS Webinars by Big John</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Learn from Myra Rhodes ">Dreamweaver Webinars<br /> by Myra Rhodes</a></li>
<h3 style="margin-top: 20px;">Tools:</h3>
<li><a href="" title=" All IE versions at once! ">IE Browser Standalones</a></li>
<h3 style="margin-top: 20px;">New Bug Demos On The Web:</h3>
<li><a href="" title=" Several bug reports and a couple of neat techniques "></a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" A problem with grouping first-child in IE8 ">IE Advanced selector Bugs</a></li>
<h3 style="margin-top: 20px;">CSS Study:</h3>
<li><a href="" title=" The 'memory bank' of CSS-Discuss ">CSS-Discuss Wiki</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" A fast link-listing of all known CSS properties. ">CSS Properties Index</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" You need to read this. ">On Having Layout</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="My primary CSS influence">Eric Meyer's CSS</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Ingo knows what browsers are really doing inside. ">Ingo Chao's CSS</a></li>
<li><a href="" title="Simple elegant demos betray a genius at work">CSS Class</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Don't make eye contact with the cat! ">Gérard Talbot's Bug Reports</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Serious CSS tests for serious CSS students. ">CSS Tests by Bruno Fassino</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" More useful CSS info ">CSS Zibaldone</a></li>
<h3>CSS Resources:</h3>
<li><a href="" title=" Go to 'CSS Positioning' "></a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Pretty creative for an old guy! ">Stu Nicholls CSS Play</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Lots of good stuff here ">456 Berea Street</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Lists of great CSS demos and methods ">Six Revisions</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" Everything accessible, that webmasters need to know. "></a></li>
<div id="bugpic">
<a href="sidepages/poole.html" title=" Drawn by Elizabeth Poole "><img src="images/piebug-left.gif"
alt="Drawing of a browser bug" /></a>
<h3>E-lists and Forums:</h3>
<li><a href="" title=" A beginner's CSS and standards e-list. ">Web Standards Group</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" A more advanced CSS e-list. ">CSS-Discuss</a></li>
<li><a href="" title=" A very lively newer css forum site/layout generator ">CSS Creator</a></li>
<h3>Experimental CSS:</h3>
<li><a href=""
title=" He showed us the way CSS is done ">Meyer's CSS Edge</a></li>
<li><a href=""
title=" The full power of css + scripting is unleashed! So very cool... "></a></li>
<li><a href=""
title=" What happens when a literary mind plays around with CSS ">CSS Destroy</a></li>
<li><a href=""
title=" The man who made the CSS House ">Design Detector</a></li>
<h3>Study tips:</h3>
<img style="float: right; margin: 5px 20px 10px; display: inline;" src="images/stop.gif" alt="Image of a unique type of keyboard" />
The source code for each demo usually has all the relevant CSS embedded in the head section.
Please feel free to take, use, and if need be, <em>abuse</em> all code found on this site.
<h3>Site Sponsors</h3>
<strong>Mike Papageorge</strong>, of, a volunteer sponsor
of this bug site (and a really cool biker dude too). <a style="display:
inline; text-decoration: underline;"
(Web Design of Spain) offers full hosting and web design services for those
who want the best. (for English, click button in upper right) They have
hosted PIE for lo these many years without flaw. Nice going guys!
Also check out Mike's
personal and excellent web&nbsp;design&nbsp;resource&nbsp;blog, <a href=""></a>
<br /><br /></p>
For <strong>custom web applications</strong> employing php/mysql coding, I highly recommend: <br /> <a href="" ></a>
<h3><a href=""></a></h3>
Want to see what I do to cure burnout?
<a href="">Wanderlucky</a>
is the repository for my personal hiking and kayaking trip reports, complete with
photos. Come see the evolution of the next Steinway.. or is it Hemmingbeck...?
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