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(ns leiningen.sass4clj
(:require []
[leiningen.core.eval :as leval]
[leiningen.core.project :as project]
[leiningen.core.main :as main]
[ :as help]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[leiningen.sass4clj.version :refer [+version+]]))
(defn main-file? [file]
(and (or (.endsWith (.getName file) ".scss")
(.endsWith (.getName file) ".sass") )
(not (.startsWith (.getName file) "_"))))
(defn find-main-files [source-paths]
(mapcat (fn [source-path]
(let [file (io/file source-path)]
(->> (file-seq file)
(filter main-file?)
(map (fn [x] [(.getPath x) (.toString (.relativize (.toURI file) (.toURI x)))])))))
(def sass4j-profile {:dependencies [['deraen/sass4clj +version+]
['watchtower "0.1.1"]]})
; From lein-cljsbuild
(defn- eval-in-project [project form requires]
; Without an explicit exit, the in-project subprocess seems to just hang for
; around 30 seconds before exiting. I don't fully understand why...
(System/exit 0))
(catch Exception e#
(if (= :sass4clj.core/error (:type (ex-data e#)))
(println (.getMessage e#))
(.printStackTrace e#))
(System/exit 1))))
(defn- run-compiler
"Run the sasscss compiler."
{:keys [source-paths target-path]
:as options}
(when-not target-path
(main/abort "Lein-sass4clj requires :target-path option."))
(let [project' (project/merge-profiles project [sass4j-profile])]
`(let [f# (fn ~'compile-sass [& ~'_]
(doseq [[path# relative-path#] ~(vec (find-main-files source-paths))
:let [output-rel-path# (string/replace relative-path# #"\.(sass|scss)$" ".css")
output-path# (.getPath (io/file ~target-path output-rel-path#))]]
(println (format "Compiling {sass}... %s" relative-path#))
(let [result#
~(-> options
(dissoc :target-path :source-paths)
(update-in [:output-style] (fn [x] (if x (keyword x))))
(update-in [:verbosity] (fn [x] (or x 1)))))
(catch Exception e#
(if ~watch?
(println (.getMessage e#))
(throw e#))))]
;; TODO: warnings
(if ~watch?
(watchtower.core/rate 100)
(watchtower.core/file-filter watchtower.core/ignore-dotfiles)
(watchtower.core/file-filter (watchtower.core/extensions :scss :sass))
(watchtower.core/on-change f#))
'(require 'sass4clj.core 'watchtower.core))))
;; For docstrings
(defn- once
"Compile sass files once."
(defn- auto
"Compile sass files, then watch for changes and recompile until interrupted."
(defn sass4clj
"SASS CSS compiler.
For each `.sass` or `.scss` file not starting with `_` in source-paths creates equivalent `.css` file.
For example to create file `{target-path}/public/css/style.css` your sass
code should be at path `{source-path}/public/css/style.scss`.
If you are seeing SLF4J warnings, check
Options should be provided using `:sass` key in project map.
Available options:
:target-path The path where CSS files are written to.
:source-paths Collection of paths where SASS files are read from.
:output-style Possible types are :nested, :compact, :expanded and :compressed.
:verbosity Set verbosity level, valid values are 1 and 2.
:source-map Enable source-maps.
Other options are passed as is to sass4clj.
Command arguments:
Add `:debug` as subtask argument to enable debugging output."
{:help-arglists '([once auto])
:subtasks [#'once #'auto]}
(println (help/help-for "sass4clj"))
([project subtask & args]
(let [args (set args)
config (cond-> (:sass project)
(contains? args ":debug") (assoc :verbosity 2))]
(case subtask
"once" (run-compiler project config false)
"auto" (run-compiler project config true)
"help" (println (help/help-for "sass4clj"))
(main/warn "Unknown task.")))))