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Perl-based tools for Wikipedia, Wiktionary etc. Build Status



    prints out a list pronunciation files to be added manually, because was unable to add them automatically


    scans for pronunciation files in Wikimedia Commons and writes results in audio/ directory for later use in scripts setting pronunciation on Wiktionary


    reads pronunciation files from audio/ directory and sets them in Wiktionary


    sets category sorting of media files on Wikimedia Commons


    counts how many audio files have been added by


    adds German pronunciation on German Wiktionary using an improved algorithm



  • Unix-like operating system
  • Perl
  • Perl modules: MediaWiki::Bot version 3.3.1 or newer, Array::Compare


  • account in MediaWiki with bot flag

Copy settings.ini.example to settings.ini and set your bot username and password.

Supported wikis supports the following Wiktionaries:

  • de
  • en
  • pl
  • simple

Usage scenarios

Adding audio files to Wiktionary

./ -w en -a
./ -w en

Short description:

  • ./

    Saves information on available pronunciation files to audio/ directory.

  • ./ -w en -a

    Adds pronunciation files on English Wiktionary (-w en) in all available languages (-a). Will take a lot of time, see below how to stop it.

  • ./ -w en

    Prints a MediaWiki table with a summary of work done.

  • ./ -w en > /tmp/en.txt && ./ -w en >> /tmp/en.txt

    Saves a summary of added files and skipped files to /tmp/en.txt.

You can kill at any time using Ctrl+C. It will save progress in done/ directory and resume without repeating anything when started for the next time.

Running for chosen languages

Use ./ with option like -l de,fi,ru instead of -a.

Running again after all work is done

  1. ./ --cleanstart --cleancache caches web pages, so running it again normally won't detect any new files. Use --cleanstart and --cleancache options to fetch new audio files.

  2. ./ --cleanstart -w en -a

    After you run, run for the first time with --cleanstart option. This will reset done/ directory and the count of added files. Otherwise will consider all work done and finish without doing anything.


  • test/

    Test harness.

Source code, bug reports



All code created by Derbeth under MIT license.