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Releases: DereWah/Skelegram

Skelegram - 1.12 Support!

08 May 11:33
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Skelegram - 1.1-ALPHA


  • Added support for 1.12 servers, using Java 1.8
  • Added CallBack query answers
  • Added message copying & forwarding (Issue #1 )
  • Added message deletion (Issue #2)
  • Added markdown option (Issue #3 )
  • Added new expressions for getting the usernames, first names and languages of users, chats and bots.

Skelegram - Alpha Release!

05 May 17:52
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Skelegram - Alpha Release!

I'm glad to announce the Alpha Release of the Skript Addon Skelegram!

This is one of my first addons, and I'm looking forward to maintain it and update it as often as possible. As an alpha, it may have a lot of bugs. Any report on the issue tracker is welcome.

Creating and understanding a Telegram Bot is quite hard, especially for someone that might never have worked with bots. Because of that, I will soon make some tutorials explaining how to approach bots and giving some advice / examples on how to be creative with them.

In the meanwhile, if you create something with this Addon, let me know! (on telegram or discord). I will check it out and if it's valid I'll list it as an example for others to look at.

Discord: DereWah#8414

Telegram: @DereWah