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# fillmore77.R, 8 Dec 16
# Data from:
# Topics in Lexical Semantics
# Charles J. Fillmore
# Example from:
# Empirical Software Engineering using R
# Derek M. Jones
par(oma=c(0, 0, 0, 0))
par(mar=c(0, 0, 0, 0)+0.1)
draw_box=function(x, y, side, A_str="", B_str="", C_str="", D_str="", join_inf=0)
lines(c(x, x+side, x+side, x, x),
c(y, y, y+side, y+side, y), lwd=0.5, col=point_col)
text(x+side*0.2, y+side*0.5, A_str)
text(x+side*0.5, y+side*0.8, B_str)
text(x+side*0.5, y+side*0.2, C_str)
text(x+side*0.8, y+side*0.5, D_str)
lines(c(x+join_inf[1]*side, x+join_inf[1]*side+join_inf[3]*side*0.3),
c(y+join_inf[2]*side, y+join_inf[2]*side+side*0.3),
col="green", lwd=0.6)
plot(0, type="n", bty="n", xaxt="n", yaxt="n", xaxs="i", yaxs="i",
xlim=c(0, 2*outer_len+center_len), ylim=c(-0.05, 0.1+2*outer_len+center_len),
xlab="", ylab="")
draw_box(0, 0, outer_len,
"A\nto", "B\nObj", "C\nfor", "D\nSubj",
c(0.8, 0.5, -1))
draw_box(0, outer_len+center_len, outer_len,
"A\nSubj", "B\nObj", "C\nfor", "D\nfrom",
c(0.2, 0.5, 1))
draw_box(outer_len+center_len, 0, outer_len,
"A\nObj", "B\nfor", "C\nsum", "D\nSubj",
c(0.5, 0.2, 1))
draw_box(outer_len+center_len, outer_len+center_len, outer_len,
"A\nSubj", "B\nfor", "C\nObj", "D\nto",
c(0.5, 0.2, -1))
draw_box(outer_len, outer_len, center_len,
"A\nbuyer", "B\ngoods", "C\nmoney", "D\nseller")
text(outer_len/2, outer_len+0.2, "Sell", font=2)
text(outer_len/2, outer_len+center_len-0.2, "Buy", font=2)
text(outer_len+center_len+outer_len/2, outer_len+0.2, "Charge", font=2)
text(outer_len+center_len+outer_len/2, outer_len+center_len-0.2, "Pay", font=2)
text(outer_len+center_len/2, outer_len+center_len+0.3, "Commercial\nEvent", font=2)