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# Yu.R, 5 Sep 17
# Data from:
# Managing Application Software Suppliers in Information System Development Projects
# Angus Gonghua Yu
# Example from:
# Empirical Software Engineering using R
# Derek M. Jones
Yu=read.csv(paste0(ESEUR_dir, "projects/Yu.csv.xz"),
Yu$Date=as.Date(Yu$Date, format="%d/%m/%Y")
plot(Yu$Date, Yu$Total_est/1000, type="l", col=pal_col[1], log="y",
ylim=c(0.220, max(Yu$Total_est)/1000),
xlab="Date (2000-2001)", ylab="Estimated cost (£million)\n")
lines(Yu$Date, Yu$SLC_thou/1000, col=pal_col[2])
lines(Yu$Date, Yu$MSS_IFG_thou/1000, col=pal_col[3])
lines(Yu$Date, Yu$NQ_thou/1000, col=pal_col[4])
legend(x="bottomright", legend=c("Estimated total", "Prime contractor", "Subcontractor 1", "Subcontractor 2"), bty="n", fill=pal_col, cex=1.2)
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