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# udd-age-insts.R, 24 Mar 20
# Data from:
# Impact of Installation Counts on Perceived Quality: A Case Study of Debian
# Israel Herraiz and Emad Shihab and Thanh H. D. Nguyen and Ahmed E. Hassan
# Example from:
# Evidence-based Software Engineering: based on the publicly available data
# Derek M. Jones
# TAG Debian_package package_installation package_age
q1=read.csv(paste0(ESEUR_dir, "regression/Q1_udd.csv.xz"),
q10=read.csv(paste0(ESEUR_dir, "regression/Q10_udd.csv.xz"),
udd=merge(q1, q10)
plot(udd$age, udd$insts, log="y", col=point_col,
xlim=c(0, max(udd$age)),
xlab="Age (days)", ylab="Installations\n")
i_mod=glm(insts ~ age, data=udd, family=poisson)
i_pred=predict(i_mod, newdata=data.frame(age=1:6000), type="link",
lines(exp(i_pred$fit), col=pal_col[1])
lines(exp(i_pred$fit+1.96*i_pred$, col=pal_col[2])
lines(exp(i_pred$fit-1.96*i_pred$, col=pal_col[2])
lines(loess.smooth(udd$age, udd$insts, family="gaussian", span=0.2), col=pal_col[3])