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# web-sec-review.R, 27 Jul 16
# Data from:
# An empirical study on the effectiveness of security code review
# Anne Edmundson and Brian Holtkamp and Emanuel Rivera and Matthew Finifter and Adrian Mettler and David Wagner
# Example from:
# Evidence-based Software Engineering: based on the publicly available data
# Derek M. Jones
# TAG expriment_human code-review_security
plot_layout(2, 1)
# s/S used to select which line transition is used.
plot_pred=function(fit_mod, line_col, conf_col, up_conf="S", low_conf="s")
y_pred=predict(fit_mod, newdata=list(web_sec_reviews=x_bnd), type="link",
inv_link=family(fit_mod)$linkinv # get the inverse link function
lines(x_bnd, inv_link(y_pred$fit), col=line_col, type=up_conf)
lines(x_bnd, inv_link(y_pred$fit+1.96*y_pred$, col=conf_col, type=up_conf)
lines(x_bnd, inv_link(y_pred$fit-1.96*y_pred$, col=conf_col, type=low_conf)
# correct,web_sec_reviews
cor_web=read.csv(paste0(ESEUR_dir, "regression/coderev-cor_rev.csv.xz"))
# Remove outliers
cor_web=cor_web[-c(2, 11, 13), ]
plot(jitter(cor_web$web_sec_reviews), cor_web$correct, col=point_col,
xlab="", ylab="Correct reports")
lines(loess.smooth(cor_web$web_sec_reviews, cor_web$correct, span=0.5), col=loess_col)
# gl_mod=glm(correct ~ web_sec_reviews, data=cor_web, family=poisson)
gl_mod=glm(correct ~ web_sec_reviews, data=cor_web,
start=c(1, 1))
plot_pred(gl_mod, pal_col[1], pal_col[4])
# plot_pred(gl_mod, pal_col[1], pal_col[4], "c", "c")
plot(jitter(cor_web$web_sec_reviews), cor_web$correct, col=point_col,
xlab="Previous web security reviews", ylab="Correct reports")
p_mod=glm(correct ~ web_sec_reviews, data=cor_web,
start=c(1, 1))
plot_pred(p_mod, pal_col[1], pal_col[4], "l", "l")
l_mod=glm(correct ~ web_sec_reviews, data=cor_web)
plot_pred(l_mod, pal_col[2], pal_col[3], "c", "c")