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# cohens-d.R, 6 Jan 16
# Data from:
# Example from:
# Evidence-based Software Engineering: based on the publicly available data
# Derek M. Jones
# TAG example
plot_layout(1, 4)
par(mar=c(5, 1, 4, 1)+0.1)
plot_cohen=function(m_diff, sd_val)
xpoints=seq(0, norm_mean+norm_sd*2.5, by=0.01)
ypoints=dnorm(xpoints, mean=norm_mean, sd=norm_sd)
x2points=seq(0, norm_mean+m_diff+(norm_sd+sd_val)*2.5, by=0.01)
y2points=dnorm(x2points, mean=norm_mean+m_diff, sd=norm_sd+sd_val)
x_bounds=range(xpoints, x2points)
max_y=max(ypoints, y2points)
plot(xpoints, ypoints, type="l", col=pal_col[1], fg="grey", col.axis="grey", yaxt="n",
bty="n", yaxt="n",
xlim=x_bounds, ylim=c(0, max_y),
xlab="", ylab="")
lines(x2points, y2points, col=pal_col[2], fg="grey", col.axis="grey")
# Pool the standard deviations
text(norm_mean, max_y*0.2, paste0("d=", d_val), cex=1.3)
# Find the sd that produces a specified Cohen's d for a given mean difference
matching_sd=function(m_diff, d_val) return(sqrt(2*(m_diff/d_val)^2-1)-1)
plot_cohen(0.5, 0)
plot_cohen(1.0, 0)
plot_cohen(0.45, matching_sd(0.45, 0.5))
plot_cohen(1.2, matching_sd(1.2, 1.0))