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Download this patch in DCP format for use with Universal Dreamcast Patcher:

Chaos Field
SEGA Dreamcast
English Translation v1.0

Developed by Derek Pascarella (ateam)

Project Page:

Find me on... -> Dreamcast-Talk: -> SegaXtreme: -> GitHub: -> Twitter: -> Reddit: -> YouTube:

.-----------::[ Patching Instructions ]::----------- | | The .DCP patch file shipped with this release is designed for use with | Universal Dreamcast Patcher: | | | | Note that Universal Dreamcast Patcher supports both TOSEC-style GDI and | Redump-style CUE disc images as source input. | | 1) Click "Select GDI or CUE" to open the source disc image. | | 2) Click "Select Patch" to open the .DCP patch file. | | 3) Click "Apply Patch" to generate the patched GDI. | - The patched GDI will be generated in the folder from which the | application is launched. | | 4) Click "Quit" to exit the application. | `---------------------------------------------------

.------------::[ v1.0 Release Notes ]::------------- | | Inspired by the English translation patch for "Radirgy" released just a couple | of days ago by wiredcrackpot (, I | decided to take a quick peek at another late MileStone shooter on my beloved | Dreamcast: "Chaos Field". As some of you might know, I'm currently in the | middle of what will likely be a year-long project for my next translation | patch, but this one was so easy, I just had to whip it together. | | I originally planned to borrow the English assets from the GameCube version, | just like wiredcrackpot used the Wii version for "Radirgy". However, my job | was even simpler than that. The standard retail release of "Chaos Field" on | Dreamcast actually shipped with about 80% of the English text and images | already baked into the disc. All I had to do was flip a proverbial switch and | then translate that remaining 20%! | | There isn't much else to say, other than to comment on the fact that this | game was already pretty English-friendly. However, with this patch you will | not encounter a single piece of Japanese text throughout your play, whether | it be in the menus, the tutorials, the character selection, or even the end | credits. The only real exception to this is the subtitle below the "Chaos | Field" logo, which itself actually says "Chaos Field", and thus deserves to | stay. | | With that, I hope everyone out there enjoys playing this game in English on | SEGA's beautiful swan-song console. As always, I'd like to give a gigantic | thank you to the incredible Dreamcast community, without whom my life would | feel incomplete. Together, we can keep The Dream™ alive... | `---------------------------------------------------

.-----------------::[ Changelog ]::----------------- | | -> 2022-01-03 (v1.0) | -Initial release. | `---------------------------------------------------


English translation patch for the Sega Dreamcast game "Chaos Field".






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