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Download this patch in DCP format for use with Universal Dreamcast Patcher:

Rainbow Cotton
English Translation v1.0
Sega Dreamcast

Project Page:

.------------------::[ Credits ]::------------------ | | LEAD DEVELOPER / PROJECT LEAD: | Derek Pascarella (ateam) | | TRANSLATION: | Natsume38 | | EDITING: | Chanh Nguyen (Burntends) | Danthrax4 | Derek Pascarella (ateam) | | GRAPHICS: | Derek Pascarella (ateam) | khikari | | VIDEO: | Patrick "TraynoCo" Traynor | Derek Pascarella (ateam) | | TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: | VincentNL | mrneo240 | esperknight | | TRANSLATION ASSISTANCE: | SnowyAria | khikari | ItsumoKnight | `---------------------------------------------------

.-----------::[ Patching Instructions ]::----------- | | The .DCP patch file shipped with this release is designed for use with | Universal Dreamcast Patcher: | | | | Note that Universal Dreamcast Patcher supports both TOSEC-style GDI and | Redump-style CUE disc images as source input. | | 1) Click "Select GDI or CUE" to open the source disc image. | | 2) Click "Select Patch" to open the .DCP patch file. | | 3) Click "Apply Patch" to generate the patched GDI. | - The patched GDI will be generated in the folder from which the | application is launched. | | 4) Click "Quit" to exit the application. | `---------------------------------------------------

.------------::[ v1.0 Release Notes ]::------------- | | It is with extreme pride that I present to you all v1.0 of me and my team's | English translation patch for "Rainbow Cotton" on the SEGA Dreamcast! This | year (2021) has seen a number of official Cotton releases, including two | translation patches (Saturn and Dreamcast). Hopefully all you fans out there | are loving it! This patch comes to you 100% fully translated, including all | in-game text, graphics, and even subtitled FMVs! As a side note, if you're | skipping all of the cutscenes as you play this game, then you're definitely | doing it wrong. | | I was fortunate enough to work with the same team who helped me make "Sakura | Wars: Columns 2" a reality: Natsume38, Chanh Nguyen (Burntends), and | Danthrax4. Natsume38 painstakingly transcribed all the spoken Japanese | dialog from the game's 16 FMVs and then took her first pass at translating it | all. She also included timings for each line, too. After that, Danthrax4 | and Burntends made their editing passes to further naturalize the English | translation and to ensure proper spelling and grammar. | | Another individual assisted in a very, very big way, too! Patrick "TraynoCo" | Traynor, who also lent his time to "Sakura Wars: Columns 2", took on the | monumental task of subtitling all of the FMVs. For his efforts, I cannot thank | him enough. A huge part of delivering an English translation patch for | "Rainbow Cotton" was subtitling all 16 of the FMVs found throughout the game. | | From there, I was able to use SEGA's very own video encoding tool to create the | final MPEG Sofdec video files (.SFD). These FMVs were pretty well animated and | should be quite enjoyable for all of you players as you work your way through | "Rainbow Cotton". | | Our project's last bit of major help came in the form of graphics work from | khikari. In between each level, a series of tiled images is displayed to the | player that show a description (in Japanese) of each region, all of which are | overlayed with a semi-transparent stamp after the player clears the stage for | each region. In order to translate these images, she had to remove the | Japanese text and rebuild the original images by hand. This required a lot | of pixel-by-pixel editing and the end result delivered to me were clean | images to which I could add English text. You'll see how it turned out after | clearing each level! All other graphics in the game were done by me | personally. | | From a technical perspective, this game didn't pose too much of a challenge. | It uses what seems to be a random one-off container format called "PLK" for | which I wrote an extraction and rebuilding tool. I included the binary and | source code for these tools in this project's GitHub repository. I'd like to | thank esperknight for being the one to originally teach me how to work with | files like these. If not for him, I would have been banging my head against | the wall a lot longer than I did! | | Outside of those PLKs, the only odd thing I encountered was some peculiarity | with how the headers were stored for both PVR textures and PVM texture | containers. In the end, the solution to my problem with these headers was | stupidly simple, but I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure | out on my own if not for some help from VincentNL and mrneo240. | | Lastly, I want to thank SnowyAria and ItsumoKnight for bits and pieces of | translation assistance, whether it be with identifying kanji in image | textures, or helping with English localization suggestions. | | In closing, my last bit of thanks goes to the fantastic Dreamcast community. | Without our collective undying passion for SEGA's swan song console, projects | like this one wouldn't exist. May The Dream™ live on for many, many years | to come! | | PS: There's no way I could have successfully and thoroughly play-tested this | patch without the following invincibility code, which is compatible with | CodeBreaker and probably all other cheat discs for Dreamcast. If you just | want to experience the story and cutscenes, this one's for you: | | 2A A7 2E 45 | 00 00 00 01 | 13 64 5B 8A | 00 00 00 04 | 20 37 2E 59 | 00 00 00 02 | | Or, if you just want to see the cutscene FMVs, you can watch them on this | YouTube playlist here: | | -> | `---------------------------------------------------

.-----------------::[ Changelog ]::----------------- | | -> 2021-07-30 (v1.0) | -Initial release. | `---------------------------------------------------

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English translation patch for the Sega Dreamcast game "Rainbow Cotton".



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