Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW 3 for the D Programming Language.
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A dynamic and static binding to version 3.2 of the GLFW 3 library for the D Programming Language.

The dynamic binding is the default configuration and allows you to load the GLFW3 shared library manually at runtime. Please see the DerelictGLFW3 documentation and the sections on Compiling and Linking and The Derelict Loader, in the Derelict documentation, for information on how to build DerelictGLFW3 and load the GLFW3 library at run time. Here's some sample code.

import derelict.glfw3.glfw3;

void main() {
    // Load the GLFW 3 library.

    // Now GLFW 3 functions can be called.

The static binding allows you to link with the GLFW3 library both dynamically and statically. To enable this configuration, you must specify it as a subConfiguration in your dub.sdl file, or compile DerelictGLFW3 manually with -version=DerelictGLFW3Static. See the DerelictGLFW3 documentation for more information on this configuration.