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JavaScript Minecraft 2D (cross-platform)
TypeScript JavaScript HTML CSS
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Episode 0 Project Setup
Episode 1 new Game
Episode 2 Game Data
Episode 3 View Fix lodash error Aug 20, 2019
Episode 4 Chunk System Part 1
Episode 5 Chunk System Part 2
Episode 6 Infinite Random Terrain Generation
Episode 7 Biomes

JavaScript Minecraft 2D (Cross-platform)

In this series you will learn how to develop a cross-platform game (for web, iOs, Android, Windows and MacOS) with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Nodejs, NPM and more.


Getting Started

If you want to get started with this series, go to the Minecraft 2D (Cross Platform) playlist and follow the first episode.

Getting the source code

Clone by running: git clone Requires Git to be installed. Or simply press the green "Clone or Download" button, download the ZIP file and extract it on your computer.

Open your terminal, go to the path of the project you want get started with (i.e. #0: Project Setup), and run:

npm install


Why JavaScript? JavaScript is really easily compiled with Node. There also are a lot of JavaScript packages and Node packages. So we can easily develop a project. With C++ or C# you quickly need an engine (Unity for example) to do a lot of work for you. With JavaScript, we can install the packages we need, nothing more.

Why TypeScript? I really like TypeScript... It's easy to know what variables are used for what exactly, because they have types assigned with them.

Why Node, NPM, Webpack...? In this repository, I created a template for a new Webpack project. It has some neat features: compiling, compressing/minifying, debugging options (stylelint for example). Webpack compiles all the projects' files into a bunch of static files that can be easily imported into other compilers (for i.e. iOs, Windows, MacOS, Android).

Do you want your questions here? Ask it in a comment on my latest video: And mention you want your question in the git repo. If it's a good question, I'll defenitely add it.

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