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Example code for a processing daemon using drushd and sf_import modules
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To install the sf import process daemon, do the following:

drush dl drushd

This will install drushd into a .drush directory by default.


If possible, you should use a drushrc.php file to pass a custom filepath for the daemon logs.

Now, copy the sf_import_daemon directory into the .drush/ directory. Edit the sf_import_process.drushrc.php file to make sure the log is written to the correct location.


Run this command to start the sf import process daemon

# The command in its simplest form, but you may prefer one of these other
# options, below.
drush sip start
# To run the command, logging feedback every 60 seconds.
drush sip start --feedback="60 seconds"
# To run the command, with verbose logging and feedback.
drush sip start --verbose --feedback="100 items"


Keep in mind, if the sf_import_queue is empty, the daemon will go into hibernation, checking sf import process status every 15 minutes or so. To see the current status of the sf import process process, run:

drush sip status

If you'd like to manually trigger sf import processing, run this command:

drush sfinp 1

If the daemon is hibernating, it may take 15 minutes for processing to start. Once it has started, you can watch the progress by running:

drush sip show-log --watch

CTRL-C out of this command when you are done watching. Keep in mind, if you didn't specify any feedback, you won't see much happening in the log. If you'd like to just see the end of the log, run:

drush sip show-log --tail

To browse the whole log file, run:

drush sip show-log


To stop the daemon, run:

drush sip stop

If it's hibernating, it will still have to go through the whole 15 minute cycle before the daemon will stop. You can queue it up to happen behind the scenes, or wait around for it to stop.

If PHP has the posix_get_pid() function available, you can also force kill the process by running:

# Use with caution, you'll have to delete the status file in order to
# restart the daemon.
drush sip kill


The status file and log are saved to the drupal files directory. They will be named drushd_sf_import_process.log and drushd_sf_import_process.txt.

If you would like to store these files in a separate directory, it is recommended to use a drushrc.php file to do so. Inside the drushrc.php file, add an adaptation of the following:

$command_specific['sip'] = array(
  // Save all files to a log directory.
  'filepath' => '/var/www/html/',
  // Optionally, specify the exact filenames:
  //'logfile' => '/var/log/example-com-sip.log',
  //'statusfile' => '/var/run/example-com-sip.status',

Keep in mind, the user running the command will need write privileges to those files.

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