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The Open Design Foundation Travis Badge Stories in Ready Join the chat at Join us on Slack!

A Jekyll based site providing resources and discussion for designers wanting to work in the open.

Right now

It is a work in progress for sure. Right now we are working the kicking off the visual design. Feel free to jump into the discussion.

Contribute to the Discussion

Join us in the The Open Design Foundation Gitter channel and make some comments in the GitHub issues.

We do have a Slack Team, but is not going to be useful/interesting to everyone; it is where we do some initial thinking around ideas before the discussion gets serious. As soon as it does we move it to GitHub issues which is a better place for meaningful discussion.

Also, we do use the @everyone fairly often, so be prepared for notifications.

If you are still interested in joining the Slack Team, request an invite here.

Contributing Posts

Feel free to contribute your own posts and ideas on this topic! Here's how:

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Clone your new fork onto your system and navigate into it
  3. Install Bundler if you don't have it installed yet.
  4. Run the command: bundle install to install ruby dependancies
  5. Run bundle exec jekyll serve --watch to start the server and watch for changes
  6. Navigate to in your browser to see your site running locally
  7. Write new posts in the articles/_posts folder
  8. Add your author information in the _config.yml file
  9. When you're ready, send a pull request to the original repo!

New to Jekyll?

Read this first. An important item of note is: do NOT touch the _site folder! This is where Jekyll is working to recompile changes into. Any time you make a change, it will overwrite whatever is inside of that folder.

This post also helps to explain how to contribute to a Jekyll site via Github.


I'm taking screenshots of the design as it progresses - sizing the window to 1024x900 px.