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Cluster case for 4 x Raspberry Pi and 5-port Ethernet switch

Designed by Stuart Childs

Inside the case

This acrylic case provides a convenient way of housing up to 4 x Raspberry Pi boards, along with integral 5-port switch, making your desk tidier.

Bill of Materials

In addition to the acrylic sheet material the following is used:

Qty Item
16 M3 12mm nylon screw
16 M3 12mm nylon screw w/head removed
4 M3 16mm nylon screw
12 M3 20mm nylon hex threaded spacer
4 M3 5mm nylon spacer
4 M3 3mm nylon spacer
2 M2 x 12mm machine screw
2 M2 hex nut
12 M3 30mm nylon hex threaded spacer
6 M3 steel hex nut
2 M3 x 10mm countersunk steel screw
2 M3 x 8mm steel machine screw
4 Clear 10mm diameter rubber bumper
1 Rectangular rocker switch
1 XLT panel mount connector
1 HDMI panel mount connector
2 USB panel mount connector
1 Ethernet panel mount connector
1 5mm Wide angle white LED
1 5-port, 5V-powered switch, de-cased
1 270-degree HDMI connector
4 20cm flexible/flat Ethernet cable
4 2-pin header 2.54" pitch connector
X Lengths of wire to connect power
4 Raspberry Pi boards

Design notes

3mm sheet acrylic stock used throughout Case design requires use of strip wire heater / folder to bend the acrylic sheet

Laser design files

Source: Inkscape SVG

Export: DXF from inkscape

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