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AuralFixation .NET Framework, C#, WPF, XAML

A little throwback to the days of physical media and compact disc changers - adding a long missing feature to my favorite software mp3 player.

Remember back in the day when we used to have to use physical compact discs to listing to music?

What about when you first got a 5 disc changer and no longer had to change CDs every 74 mins?


The one feature I have found lacking from all hardware and software mp3 players is the simple:

Pick a single disc at random and play it in sequential order!

I did not want to write yet-another-mp3-player, nor make a massive meta-data-driven overly complex solution.

This small application is designed to backfill that feature in the simplest way possible:

  1. Select a folder which contains subfolders of albums
  2. Assign that folder a genre and an optional image
  3. Click on that folder to randomly select an album
  4. Launch WinAMP and start playing that album

There are a few additional features that have been added including:

  1. Right click to open subfolder in Windows Explorer to manually select a specific album
  2. Double click to reset the current playlist and start playing the selected album
  3. Single click to queue up another album in the existing playlist
  4. Ported original version from WinForms to moden WPF application


A throwback to the days of massive compact disc changers







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