Create cool pixel art.
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Pixel Picker


Create cool pixel art. Used on Designer News.


  • Include jQuery

  • Include the plugin JS

  • Optionally include the CSS, or style the container/rows/cells yourself

  • Create your HTML structure. It should look similar to this:

    <!-- This is the container -->
    <div class="pixel-picker-container">
      <!-- This is a row -->
      <div class="pixel-picker-row">
        <!-- These are cells -->
        <div class="pixel-picker-cell"></div>
        <div class="pixel-picker-cell"></div>
        <div class="pixel-picker-cell"></div>
      <!-- Wash, rinse, repeat -->
  • Finally, fire up the plugin using pixelPicker on your containing element.




Array | The colors that can be used to fill cells.

Can be CSS hex strings:

palette: [ '#ff0000', '#0000ff', '#ffff00', '#008000' ]

Or CSS RGB strings (sorry, RGBA is not supported):

palette: [ 'rgb(249, 210, 48)', 'rgb(95, 105, 121)', 'rgb(38, 174, 144)', 'rgb(144, 153, 167)' ]

Or arrays of RGB values:

palette: [ [255,255,255], [95,105,121], [144,153,167], [38,174,144] ]


[ '#ffffff', '#000000',
'#ff0000', '#0000ff',
'#ffff00', '#008000' ]


String | The color used for the eraser

Can be any of the values used for palette.

If set the color will be prepended to the palette. If left as null the eraser will default to the first color in your palette.

Default: null

rowSelector and cellSelector

String | The jQuery selectors to locate rows and cells

Default: .pixel-picker-row and .pixel-picker-cell


Function or jQuery object | What to do when the color map (cells) gets updated

Can be a function (with the color map as an argument):

update: function(map) {

Or it can be a jQuery object that has a value attribute, which will be updated:

update: $('.pixel-values-hidden-input')

Default: null


Function | What to do when the plugin is ready

Since the plugin can sometimes take a few seconds to initially calculate the cells, this function will be called when everything is ship-shape.

Default: null


Once installed, you can click within a cell to do things:

  • Click to fill a cell with the next color in your palette
  • Right click to do the same, but in reverse
  • CMD (or CTRL) click to erase the cell's color
  • Click and drag around to fill surrounding cells with that same color




If you find a bug or want to improve the plugin, just submit a pull request. Take care to maintain existing code style.