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Artificially intelligent agents designed to play Super Noughts and Crosses.
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Super Noughts and Crosses (plus AI)

This repository contains code for running games of Super Noughts and Crosses in an un-user friendly fashion via IO streams. It also contains some intelligent agents that can play the game too.

How to Play

The best way to learn is to play the game at

You are trying to win the big game of noughts and crosses. You can only fill in a cell by winning the game within it.

Players take turns to make a move in a small game. The position of the cell you chose in a small game is the position of the small game in the big game where the next player must choose a move.

If there is no valid place to move in the small game you're assigned, you can make your move anywhere.

Install & Build

git clone
cd SuperXO-AI
mkdir out


cd SuperXO-AI
java -cp out xyz.thomasrichards.superxo.Main [args]


  • -h: tells you what the arguments should be

The arguments should be 2 instances of either of the following:

  • [-a | --ai] [agent number] [difficulty int]
  • [-p | --player]

The leftmost argument is player X who goes first. The rightmost argument is player O who goes second.

i.e. it is possible to play human against human or ai against ai.

You can optionally include the following:

  • [-r | --rounds] [quantity int] Specify the number of rounds to be played. Default 1.


git pull

IO Specification

Positions of cells and grids are represented by: TL,TM,TR,ML,MM,MR,BL,BM,BR, which should be self-explanatory.

Moves are written as a pair of comma separated positions, where the left position is of a 3x3 grid and the right position is of the cell within that grid, followed by a new line character.

e.g. TL,BR\n or MM,MM\n


Player chosen moves can be sent in. This move is executed for the current turn player.


For each move made whether by a human or AI: The symbol of that player, followed by a comma, followed by the move is sent out, followed by a new line character.

e.g. X,TL,BR\n or O,BR,MM\n

When a player wins, Winner: is displayed followed by the symbol of the winner.

If more than one round was played, statistics are outputted in the following format:

X won 12
O won 6
Draws 2


All expected errors begin with Error: followed by the reason for the message, then a new line charcter.

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