BitBucket webhook that adds commit message to Trello cards specified by URLs in the commit message
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BitBucket web hook for commenting commit messages into Trello cards.


Install via composer

composer create-project desktopsolutions/bbucket-to-trello

...or clone the repository.

Run the config generator

php cli-install.php

I was hoping to have this run automatically after the project installs but composer was forcing it through without allowing STDIN :(

If you can't use the command-line tool, copy config-example.php to config.php and edit the values within.

Set up the Web Hook

In your BitBucket repository go to settings -> web hooks. Create a new web hook with the URL of your installation.


##Use and Enjoy! Put the URL of your relevant Trello card in your commit messages. The commit information will be added as a comment to that card (see below for an example).

You can reference as many cards as you would like within a single commit. Trello will parse the card URLs as usual so you can click them to jump between cards.

Comment format

Commit hash by author's display name

commit message

link to commit details here


Pull requests welcome :)

This was built for a specific use case. If you wish to extend any functionality of this program whether it be improving the comment messages, enhancing security, etc. please fork the repo and submit a pull request!

This project is maintained by Andrew Natoli.