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Having some trouble with DIM? Hopefully some of these steps will get you working again.

Be sure to also check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Is DIM showing you a page with the @BungieHelp Twitter feed?

Sometimes, Bungie needs to bring down the API that DIM and other apps use for a while. We have no control over it and don't know when it'll be back up, but you can follow them for more up-to-date information than we can provide.

Is DIM not loading, or it's loading but something or other isn't working quite right?

  1. If your accounts or inventory doesn't load or you can't move items, or you see some missing or incorrect info, try the official Destiny 2 Companion app. If you have the same problem there, then this is a issue - they're either down for maintenance or this is a bug that affects all apps, not just DIM. You'll have to wait for to come back online.
  2. Check in "About DIM" to make sure you're on a version of DIM that's no more than a week old. We fix bugs quickly. DIM Beta gets fixes first, but also gets bugs first.
  3. Make sure your browser or mobile OS is up to date. For example DIM only supports iOS versions from the last couple years, and some Android phones can be stuck with old default browsers that should be upgraded.
  4. If you were using (with an orange logo), try (with a blue logo), or vice versa. If one works and the other doesn't, then that version of DIM might have a bug. Let us know!
  5. If you're getting a " is experiencing difficulties" error, you can try logging out and logging back in.
  6. Check to make sure you don't have ad-blockers, firewalls, antivirus, parental controls, or network filters in place that could block or
  7. Try force reloading DIM - Ctrl+F5 on Windows, Cmd+Shift+R on Mac.
  8. Try a different browser (for example, Firefox instead of Chrome or vice versa). If your phone is set to use Samsung Internet, use Chrome instead.
  9. If you installed the app from an app store, try installing it from a browser instead.
  10. Try restarting your computer (really!)
  11. If DIM still won't load at all, try clearing your site data (cookies, cache, storage):
    1. Visit DIM Data Nuke (app) or DIM Data Nuke (beta) to clear all your data. This does not work on Safari! WARNING: If you didn't have DIM Sync enabled, you will lose all your data when you clear site data! Make sure you have a backup!

If you're still having problems after trying all these, contact us for help. A bug report with details is the most helpful.

Are perks not showing up?

During some deployments or after patches/releases, Bungie doesn't completely bring down the API, but do bring parts of it (weapon perks being a common one) offline for a time. This (and some other quirky behavior for a while post-deployment) is expected and will fix itself after some time.

Are you getting an "Aw, Snap" or "This page is having a problem" error?

These errors are shown when Chrome runs out of memory. We're working on making improvements to improve performance and cut down on the amount of memory that you need to run DIM, but we can unfortunately only do so much. Also keep in mind that underpowered Android phones likely won't be able to run DIM at all - basically anything with less than 4GB of RAM, such as the Moto G Play.

Are you looking for the app store/native version of DIM?

You can "install" DIM by clicking the menu button (the three horizontal stripes in the top left) and Install DIM may be an option, depending on your browser and OS. Check out our Desktop and Mobile Apps guide to learn more.

Did you "install" DIM, and found that the desktop icon has disappeared?

If you use Chrome and previously installed DIM through that and your shortcut disappeared, you can recreate the shortcut.

  • Open Chrome
  • Navigate to chrome://apps/
  • Right click on Destiny Item Manager
  • Click on Create Shortcuts...

Are you unable to drag and drop items?

This is usually caused by bad mouse driver software on Windows - try upgrading or uninstalling Logitech G Hub, Razer software, etc.

Why are random pictures showing up in place of item icons?

This is a bug in Google Chrome (and Chrome-based browsers like Edge) that only occurs on Windows. You will need to clear your cache to fix it. Note that the Windows Store version of DIM is running in Microsoft Edge, so you'll need to clear the cache there.

Are you using a Samsung device and everything looks dark even though you don't have a dark theme selected?

You are using Samsung Internet as your browser, and have dark mode on. You can:

  1. Switch your system browser to Chrome.
  2. Use Chrome to install the PWA version of DIM instead of using the version from Google Play.
  3. Tell Samsung Internet to use websites' own dark modes instead of using its own. Go to Settings > Labs and check "Use website dark theme":
  4. Turn off Samsung Internet's Dark Mode:
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