This group focuses on developing solutions for problems on: computer science, mathematics, hacking and mystery.

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  1. ProjectEuler

    Polyglot solutions for www.projecteuler.net mathematical challenges

    Python 101 20

  2. computer-programs-paradigms

    Solving Louv1.1x Paradigms of Computer Programming - Fundamentals Course

    Oz 12 2

  3. lelerax-legacy

    Telegram Bot that imitates @lerax (@ryukinix) behavior, 'cause he is a legend.

    Python 11 1

  4. composing-programs

    Annotation and code about SICP Python

    Python 4 1

  5. stopjs

    A js-free, nojs, KILL JS, repository and discussion, collection of arguments about why js is so cancer


  6. inets

    Interaction Nets library as basic abstractions written in Rust.

    Rust 2

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