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import requests
from server import app
from server.models import FlagStatus, SubmitResult
FlagStatus.QUEUED: ['timeout', 'game not started', 'try again later', 'game over', 'is not up',
'no such flag'],
FlagStatus.ACCEPTED: ['accepted', 'congrat'],
FlagStatus.REJECTED: ['bad', 'wrong', 'expired', 'unknown', 'your own',
'too old', 'not in database', 'already submitted', 'invalid flag'],
# The RuCTF checksystem adds a signature to all correct flags. It returns
# "invalid flag" verdict if the signature is invalid and "no such flag" verdict if
# the signature is correct but the flag was not found in the checksystem database.
# The latter situation happens if a checker puts the flag to the service before putting it
# to the checksystem database. We should resent the flag later in this case.
def submit_flags(flags, config):
r = requests.put(config['SYSTEM_URL'],
headers={'X-Team-Token': config['SYSTEM_TOKEN']},
json=[item.flag for item in flags], timeout=TIMEOUT)
unknown_responses = set()
for item in r.json():
response = item['msg'].strip()
response = response.replace('[{}] '.format(item['flag']), '')
response_lower = response.lower()
for status, substrings in RESPONSES.items():
if any(s in response_lower for s in substrings):
found_status = status
found_status = FlagStatus.QUEUED
if response not in unknown_responses:
app.logger.warning('Unknown checksystem response (flag will be resent): %s', response)
yield SubmitResult(item['flag'], found_status, response)