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#include "serversingleton.h"
C_ModelManager* C_Singleton::m_ModelManager;
C_PhysicsManager* C_Singleton::m_PhysicsManager;
C_Timer* C_Singleton::m_Timer;
C_ModelManager* C_Singleton::M_ModelManager()
if(!m_ModelManager) m_ModelManager = new C_ModelManager;
return m_ModelManager;
C_PhysicsManager* C_Singleton::M_PhysicsManager()
if(!m_PhysicsManager) m_PhysicsManager = new C_PhysicsManager;
return m_PhysicsManager;
C_Timer* C_Singleton::M_Timer()
if(!m_Timer) m_Timer = new C_Timer;
return m_Timer;
void C_Singleton::M_DestroySingletons()
if(m_ModelManager) delete m_ModelManager;
if(m_PhysicsManager) delete m_PhysicsManager;
if(m_Timer) delete m_Timer;
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