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Alfred Plugin - Adium Chat


Original Plugin was from Uirs Dacosta. I took his work and tweaked it.


chat display_name [: message]

display_name is mandatory, : message is optional.


chat fluffy

will open a chat window with the person “fluffy”

chat fluffy: thinking of you! :)

that will send the text “thinking of you :)” to your contact “fluffy” using Adium.


2.0.1 by Artem Tomilov

  • Small refactor of code

2.0 by Sebatian Hansack

  • Deleting Growl Notifications
  • New Chats now open in new Tabs
  • Focus is set automatically

1.1 by Sebastian Hansack

  • Adding Growl Notification

1.0 by Uris Ducats

  • Initial Version

Known Bugs

This Script will actually (Adium 1.5b9r4498) not work with Facebook Contacts.

I submitted this Bug already to the Adium Developer Team, you can find the Trac Ticket here.


Creative Commons License
Adium Chat Plugin for Alfred by Uris Dacosta, Sebastian Hansack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at