A redisred API handler for Hubot
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A script that allows users to make redisred links through hubot.

See src/redisred.coffee for full documentation.


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-redisred --save

Then add hubot-redisred to your external-scripts.json:


Set the following environment variables to interact with redisred:

  • HUBOT_REDISRED_URL The base URL for redirects, not including the API path.
    • e.g. https://go.hackmit.org
  • HUBOT_REDISRED_TOKEN The redisred API token.
  • HUBOT_REDISRED_PREFIX The prefix to auto-expand links
    • e.g. blah here will expand the chat message blah/redisred into https://go.hackmit.org/redisred


Copyright (c) 2015 Jack Serrino. Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.md for details.