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A small Redis-based URL Redirector

Give it a test!

If you want to test it out first hand, try it here:

Username: admin Password: testing



  • Visitors can go to /whatever, and they'll be redirected to link named whatever
  • If the link doesn't exist, they'll be presented with a nice 404 page :)
  • Visiting just / brings you to a designated root redirect.


  • /admin brings people to page where they can sign in
  • /admin/redirects lets people view and edit all of the redirects


All requests must be authenticated with a x-access-token header.

  • GET /admin/api/ returns a json of all the redirects
  • POST /admin/api/create creates a redirect with parameters key and url
  • POST /admin/api/delete deletes a redirect with parameter key

How to get up and running

Some quick easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have gcc, brew, node, and npm installed.
  2. Run brew install redis
  3. Run npm install && npm run create-config
  4. Edit the .env file to have the environment variables you like :)

How to run the app locally

  1. npm run start-redis
  2. npm start

To stop the server, Ctrl+C, and then:

  • npm run stop-redis

Deploy the app to heroku

To deploy this to heroku, click this fancy button :)

Environment variables.

Variable Description
PORT The port this app should run on
ADMIN_USERNAME The username used to log into the admin console
ADMIN_PASSWORD The password used to log into the admin console
API_TOKEN The token to be used on all API calls
ROOT_REDIRECT The URL the root of your website should redirect to
SESSION_SECRET A secret key for verifying the integrity of signed cookies


Redisred is released under the MIT license.


A small Redis-based URL Redirector




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