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Steps for building Deuce STM


Running Deuce can be done in two options:

  • Online e.g. java -javaagent:bin/deuceAgent.jar -cp my.jar myMain
  • Offline e.g. java -jar deuceAgent.jar my.jar out_my.jar
  1. Introduction

Deuce comes with few benchmarks and unit tests which are not part of the downloaded but can be checkout from the SVN. The tests are JUnit3 tests and can be run by any tool that can run JUnit tests. All the tests are under src/test directory.

Also under the src/test exist few known benchmarks which are already adapted to run under Deuce including JSTAMP, STMBENCH7, IntSet and Bank.

1.1 Naming convention

Under deuce svn you can find the /src directory

Under the src directory you can find two directories: /java --> deuce agent sources. /test --> deuce unit tests and benchmarks sources.

1.2 Quick installation instructions


More information can be found here: Wiki & Site

1.3 System requirements

  • Operating system: Any-OS

  • Processor: Any-Processor

  • Compiler: JDK6+

  • Libs and other inst req.: JDK6+

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