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toolkit is a JavaScript widget library with special focus on building low latency user interfaces for audio applications. It contains a wide range of widgets such as faders, knobs, levelmeters and equalizers.

Design Goals

toolkit is written in pure JavaScript and has no external dependencies. It is supposed to run in browsers which support ECMAScript 5 including IE9. toolkit was designed to be lightweight and fast while keeping the full flexibility which comes with CSS. toolkit widgets offer consistent and intuitive APIs.


The complete API documentation can be found at []. The documentation contains interactive examples for many Widgets.

Alternatively, the documentation can be directly built from the source code. The documentation in the source files uses the common jsdoc syntax and JSDoc 3. can be used to generate the documentation. If you have jsdoc installed, simply run

make jsdoc

Apart from the documentation inside the source tree, there are several longer introductory articles and usage examples in the directories doc/docs/ and doc/tutorials/. These articles automatically get added to the generated documentation by our jsdoc configuration.


Several online demos of interfaces using toolkit can be found at []. All of those demos are written in AWML, which is a HTML5 based markup language, which can be used to create toolkit-based interfaces.

For most use-cases using AWML is much more convenient than building an interface in JavaScript using toolkit directly.

Reporting Bugs

When you find a bug in this software, please report it to our issue tracker at [].


toolkit is released unter the the terms of the GPLv3. See the file COPYING file for details.

Copyright (c) 2013-2019 Markus Schmidt

Copyright (c) 2014-2019 Arne Gödeke