Offers a Frontend Localisation mechanism for Symphony CMS
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Frontend Localisation

1 Synopsis

Offers the language tools to localise the Frontend of your site.

2 Features

For site builders:

  • Frontend Languages management.
  • one Datasource with Frontend Languages information

For PHP developers:

  • easy access to Frontend Language information
  • UI assets to build the language tabs

3 Installation

  1. Make sure you have Languages extension installed.
  2. Make sure you have at least one FLang detection driver installed (= install that extension). For example, use FLang detection gTLDs.
  3. Upload the frontend_localisation folder found in this archive to your Symphony extensions folder.
  4. Enable it by selecting Frontend Localisation under System -> Extensions, choose Enable from the with-selected menu, then click Apply.

4 Upgrading

Keep your fingers crossed and push za button!

5 Usage

5.1 @ Site builders

Attach FL: Languages datasource to your pages.

On Preferences page you can:

  • Site languages: choose site languages
  • Main language: choose the main language of the site

Important! When you change the language, re-install the detection driver FLang detection gTLDs.

5.2 @ PHP developers

This extension provides a static FLang class for easy access to Frontend language information.
If you want to create a third-party FLang detection driver, make sure that your driver adds the fl-language & fl-region params to the URL query string with appropriate values. You can also set a main region value, but you need to edit the config.php file manually. Doing so will force you to use a driver that specify a region.