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BuddyPress First Letter Avatar

A WordPress-BuddyPress plugin to set custom avatars for users with no Gravatar and no profile avatar. The avatar will be the first (or any other) letter of user's name.


This plugin is based on my other plugin, WP First Letter Avatar. What it does is, by default, checks if user has configured her/his avatar or has Gravatar assigned to the email address. If neither of them is present - custom avatar is used. Custom avatar consists of the first letter of user's name and a colorful background.

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar helps you bring more colors into your BuddyPress site. Plus, your users will be more willing to actively participate in your site since they can actually relate to these avatars much better than to Mystery Person.

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar includes a set of beautiful, colorful letter avatars in many sizes. Optimal size will be chosen by the plugin in order to display high quality avatar and not download, for example, big 512px avatars when only 48px is needed... PSD template for avatar is also included.

Plugin is highly configurable - you can disable Gravatar, disable displaying user's avatars, choose different letter, use custom sets of avatars, use rounded avatars etc.

All images were compressed using the fantastic TinyPNG, so avatars are incredibly light and ultra-high quality.


You can download a zip from GitHub, unzip it and place in wp-content/plugins/. You can also download it from WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

WP First Letter Avatar or BuddyPress First Letter Avatar?

The only difference between WP First Letter Avatar and this BuddyPress First Letter Avatar plugin is that the latter is written specifically for BuddyPress. If you don't have BuddyPress activated on your site, BuddyPress First Letter Avatar will not modify your website in any way - it will just do nothing.

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar works on every avatar on BuddyPress site, whereas WP First Letter Avatar works on every avatar on every WordPress site without BuddyPress. So if you use BuddyPress - get this plugin; if you don't - use WP First Letter Avatar. These two plugins should not be running simultaneously.


BuddyPress First Letter Avatar requires at least PHP 5.4. It does not work properly on PHP 5.3.x and earlier.


If you notice any errors or have an idea for improving the plugin, please write on WordPress plugin support forum.