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Latest commit

* adding userName field to registration process

* fix typo in UserName field

* added tooltip to username

* Use UserName in TestResultEntryViewModel

* Remove PrepareUserEmailForRODO()

* put translations in a resource file

* test first attempt

* added tests to check userName

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DevAdventCalendar web app for online competition for programmers :

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Projects in solution

  • DevAdventCalendarCompetition - main project with Controllers and Views

  • DevAdventCalendarCompetition.Services - class library for logic operations

  • DevAdventCalendarCompetition.Repository - class library for database operations

  • DevAdventCalendarCompetition.Tests - unit tests for DevAdventCalendarCompetition.Services (xUnit)

  • DevAdventCalendarCompetition.TestResultService - external service calculating user points based on a custom algorithm

  • DevAdventCalendarCompetition.TestResultService.Tests - unit tests for TestResultService (xUnit)


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Used Tools


Docker is an open platform that enables developers and administrators to build images, ship, and run distributed applications in a loosely isolated environment called a container. This approach enables efficient application lifecycle management between development, QA, and production environments.

Application is using Docker to work on VPS. Additional Docker-compose helping with configure for all of this

Docker documentation


Useful tool to check api endpoints. It is generated based on Controllers and attributes and can test any rest calls from this page. Can be access by: pagedomain (or localhost)/swagger/. Swagger documentation


MailHog is an email testing tool for developers. More info on GitHub page.

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