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Dripr UI

https://dripr.io Dripr is a screenshot/file sharing platform, similar to cloudapp. This is a universal (isomorphic) web application usign some cool features.

What's under the hood?

Basically a React app which connects to some APIs (node.js). When a file is uploaded it gets stored in Amazon AWS s3, then there's some Amazon AWS Lambda running to do some tasks, like resizing an image for example. In front of s3 there is cloudfront (cdn).

There's also a desktop app where you can see your uploaded files and take screenshots which will be directly uploaded.


  • Upload Images
  • Upload Videos
  • Upload Code (Paste)
  • Upload a Link, a redirect will be made, so you can keep track of the visits
  • Upload text, text will be displayed in a nice way
  • Login (via facebook) to store everything you upload

We used


** Copy configuration files **

Copy /config/default.json to /config/development.json. Change it with the desired values

Start the development server

The server will run on localhost:4000.

$ npm run dev


$ npm run devw

on Windows

Build source files

Compiles JavaScript files with JavaScript and extracts CSS files from JavaScript.

$ npm run build

Start the production server

$ npm start

Run ESLint

$ npm run eslint


$ npm run jscs