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date: 2020-03-21
time: 20h
duration: "01:39:54"
title: "Working Remotely as a Developer"
tags: ["dev",, "remote",]
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video: "2948126105248046"
published: true
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In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss remote working for developers, How to get started, find your next remote job, manage your life as a remote developer, tools and best practices.


Ahmed El Azzabi

Meriam Kharbat

Abdelfatah Sghiouar


0:00 - Episode Introduction and Guests Intro.

0:05 - What is working remotely?

0:10- Working remotely vs working from Home (during COVID-19).

0:15 - Why did you choose to work remote and when did you start it?

0:15- Why did you choose to work remote and when did you start it?

0:20 - Challenges for remote developers.

0:25 - How to convince your managers to work remotely?

0:30 - How to find remote jobs offers?

0:35 - Manage your personal life as a remote developer.

0:50 - Soft Skills for a remote developer.

0:54 - Best practices for remote developers to manage their tasks.

1:00 - What are your hobbies outside of work?

1:05 - Legal requirements for a remote developer and Understanding company taxation in Morocco.

1:21- Q/A

1:33 - Resources & Tools


Anti fragile: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Peoplewear: Tom Demarco

Remote: Office not required

It doesn’t need to be crazy at work

Hackers & Painters

The Year without pants

Understanding company taxation in Morocco

Getting health insurance when working remotely


Prepared and Presented by :

Soufian El Foukahi

Youssouf El Azizi

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