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DCP Setup Maker

Build Status
Download DCP Setup Maker

Java program to generate complex, stable and cross-platform java installers.

Watch a demo of DCP Setup Maker's installer being made in 2 minutes:

"Its intuitive UI and exceptional ease of use makes it very easy to build complex installers with large amounts of files. The whole process is done step by step through a wizard-like interface, filling in fields and setting up files to finally build your package."

Download DCP Setup Maker

Required: Java 1.6+ for built packages
Powered by Java, IzPack, Nuget, Launch4j, Apache Pivot, Apache Ant and Stax.


All contributors are very welcome to help make this software a perfect open-source setup maker! All questions and requests to make some edits in the program will be replied to ASAP.

If you want to make a pull request, you just have to clone the master branch on your computer, create a branch for your modifications and push it with a pull request.

Questions can be asked in the Issues or the Google Group.

What you will need on your machine

  • Apache Maven
  • Apache Ant: add bcel jar library to the lib folder
  • Java JDK 8+

Run the app

One you made modifications, you can run the DCP app from you IDE via the class as a Java application.

Automated tasks

  • build.xml: This ant build file contains tasks to compile and generate the DCP binary for you to test, the binary will be created on the code root path. You can launch dist for a Java distribution and for a special Windows binary. The clean target can clean all of te generated files from your folder once you finished testing.

  • release.xml: This ant build file contain tasks to create the final release packages. The two properties doc.dir and launch4j.dir should be updated according to your own local paths of gh-pages/doc and launch4j install respectively.

Dev on Windows

For Windows developers, you already have the cmd/ folder which contains a batch script file for every step of the release process, going from 0-clean to 5-documentation.


Apache License

Version 2.0, January 2004




  • Windows special distribution with executable binary for Java version check (1.7+)
  • Mac OS/Linux distribution size reduced with Windows features disabled
  • Project source code migrated to Maven structure
  • Bug fixes:
    Window close event validation
    Unix filenames without extensions couldn't be selected in filebrowser
    Author Email autofill include null value
    Load project with relative paths in Tweak tab
    Zip files content list for shortcut (TFile > ZipFile)
    Tweak app name was filling in empty install path


  • New features:
    Open package target folder on Build
    Check packs properties for errors
    Pack target architecture(x32/x64) property (request by Danish42)
    Properties restored on new scan for same packs (request by Hozku)
    Easy access for recent saved/loaded projects (up to 3)
    Scan child folders directly from file view context menu
    Copy/Paste pack data between packs (context menu)
    Folder target path set to packs from scan tab
    Text fields validators register error message on component tooltip text
  • Enhancements:
    GUI update
    Treat folders as groups moved to Scan tab (instead of Import button)
    Logging organized into 4 levels (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERR)
    NuGet Builder option only available from Windows systems
    Model data structure update on cascade when loading projects of older version (starting from version 1.0)
    Group rename disabled when same name
    Context menus for Packs and Groups views with icons
    Executables temporary target directory updated for use
    Scan file-browser root folder update on path change
    Master GUI buttons grouped inside one menu Bar
    Undo enabled for every edit to reload new project
    Tweak options organized into different tab levels
    Tweak pack shortcut option always enabled for setting
  • Bug fixes:
    Empty Group creation was possible
    Group treeview node delete button returned exception when none selected
    Panels display flag wasn't initialized
    Build Mode was set double times on app start
    Faster application start
    Tweak application version validator wasn't working
    Tooltip on empty tableView field is now hidden
    Multi selected packs validation was still active on deletion
    Exceptions on some buttons when empty data
    Advanced shortcut button enable bug


  • New features:
    Nuget/Chocolatey process compiler
    Conditions support for IzPack
  • Enhancements:
    Code structure update
    Validators debugging warnings
    Multi lines clipboard copy of selected log lines
    Back to factory setup data on undo with no modifications
    Merge of dcp libs to one library
    Add scan horizontal split panel to Workspace auto-saved data
    Build mode and default build configurations added to workspace data
    Build logs copy to clipboard from context menu
    Apache Commons IO for file copy operations
    CommandLine build includes app name and version in package file
  • Bug fixes:
    Default empty target path was based on app data instead of setup data
    Workspace configuration was always saved even when not modified
    Save file extension correction on empty path
    Pack install name validation was displaying a wrong debug message
    SFTP data load generated exception on empty data
    Workspace data was saved with edit flag on
    Frames Singletons were not used as intended


  • Bug Fixes:
    Set tab listbox circular mode disabled
    Packs tooltip text correction on empty area
    Scan Packs TableView selection enabled
    Expand/Collapse buttons fix for Java 8
    Fixed Data initialization and load at startup
    Tab Singletons initialize with instantiation
    Scan on enabled selection didn't update packs list
  • New features:
    Pack version property
    New compilation system based on multiple compilers
    Command Line compilation of dcp files
  • Enhancements:
    Apache Pivot update to 2.0.4
    Split panel on Scan tab's side bar
    Resizable RegExp filter input size
    Version extract from pack file name


  • Bug Fixes:
    Fixed for Java 8
    Code structure update
    Simple scan didn't update on changed selection
    Filters now are enabled when selected
    Version increment format check + focus
  • Enhancements:
    GUI update
    Assistant update
    Recent scanned directories display with parent + full path on tooltip
    Improved filtering system
    Custom filters show up in UI
    Second custom filter replaced with regexp filtering
    Packs tooltip displays full path to pack on disk
    Automated version number parts selection
    Version Increment applies to selected part or last part by default


  • Bug fixes
  • Custom user defined langpack
  • Hidden pack option
  • Pack Shortcut advanced options for folders and archives
  • Suggestions for folder/archive inner files' paths shortcuts
  • Packs source path included into save/load
  • Path Validator for scanned folder path
  • Scanned folder path can now be saved as default configuration
  • Changing/Correcting pack paths from Scan folder path if path error
  • Editing invalidated source path doesn't scan the folder
  • Added DCP version number to save-file for future versions load fix
  • Multiple comma separated authors can be added (emails included)
  • Helper assistant text updated
  • Added Tera-Bytes to split size units
  • Packs panel disabled if all packs are required
  • Shortcuts panel disabled if no shortcut to install
  • Log line selection copies content to clipboard
  • Packs can be deleted from Set tab
  • Increment version number button


  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed for Mac OS X based systems
  • Apache Pivot library updated from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3
  • Tweak option for automated script generation at end of setup
  • Input validation for file paths
  • Process panel fixed for non-windows os
  • Added support for more executable file types (reg, bat, sh, jar)
  • Dependency implemented for executable packs
  • Packs can have two types of dependency (Group or single Pack)
  • Two Custom filters added to scan for advanced users
  • Platform OS option for Packs
  • Selected option by default for Packs
  • HTTP Web Setup builder
  • SFTP connection + packs file transfer
  • Directories filter enabled for Recursive Scan
  • Group rename function button added