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DevDungeon Virtual Hackerspace


  1. Cookbook Public

    Code snippets for various programming languages and libraries

    HTML 284 80

  2. Cathy Public

    Artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot for Discord written in Python 3

    Python 141 115

  3. issh Public

    Improved SSH: Curses TUI to select SSH connection from ~/.ssh/config file

    Python 23 7

  4. DevNix Public

    Linux distribution customized and themed by John "NanoDano" Leon (Fedora Remix)

    Python 1 1

  5. WebGenome Public archive

    A breadth first web crawler that stores HTTP headers in a MongoDB database with a web front end all written in Go.

    Go 24 8

  6. Example Flask app showing how to use "Login with Discord" feature

    Python 24 14


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