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How to colorize charts using the Range Colorizer

This example demonstrates how to color each series point in a specific color depending on the Happy Planet Index (HPI) data obtained from a datasource.


To accomplish this task, create a range colorizer and assign it to the SeriesViewBase.Colorizer property.

To access HPI information from the HPI.xml datasource, set the SeriesBase.ColorDataMember property to the "HPI" data field.
Then, add range stops (data splits in ranges) for the colorizer to the DoubleCollection object. This object is accessed using the RangeColorizer.RangeStops ptoperty.


After that, specify the desired palette entries in the PaletteEntry objects using their Color and Color2 properties and add PaletteEntry objects to the chart palette repository using the ChartControl.PaletteRepository property. Then, it is necessary to choose a palette for painting series points via the RangeColorizer.PaletteName property.

The colorizer automatically associates each color with the specified data range to colorize series.

To see information on what each color means in the legend, specify {V1} and {V2} patterns using the RangeColorizer.LegendItemPattern property.

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