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How to: Customize the GridControl's Data-Aware Export Output

This example demonstrates how to customize the GridControl's data-aware export output.

In this example, the grid's data is exported to XLSX format using the GridControl.ExportToXlsx method with a parameter (an XlsxExportOptionsEx object) that regulates export settings and behavior. This parameter provides events that allow you to add a header and footer to the export output, to customize cells, add rows, etc.

To add a header displaying custom information to the generated MS Excel document, the XlsxExportOptionsEx.CustomizeSheetHeader event is handled. In the event handler, the AddRow, InsertImage and MergeCells methods of the event's ExportContext parameter are used to add rows with the company name and contact information, insert the company logo and merge specific cells. Cell formatting is specified using objects of the XlFormattingObject class.

The XlsxExportOptionsEx.CustomizeCell event is used to replace values in the Discontinued column with special symbols. The ColumnName event parameter allows recognizing the desired column. The Value parameter is utilized to substitute certain cell values. The Handled parameter is set to true to apply the changes made.

The XlsxExportOptionsEx.AfterAddRow event handler merges cells in rows that correspond to the grid's group rows using the ExportContext.MergeCells method. For group rows, the DataSourceRowIndex event parameter returns negative values. The current row in the export output is specified by the DocumentRow parameter.

To add a footer to the export document, the XlsxExportOptionsEx.CustomizeSheetFooter event is handled. In this event handler, two new rows are added to the output document by calling the AddRow method, and their formatting is specified using objects of the XlFormattingObject class.

The XlsxExportOptionsEx.CustomizeSheetSettings event is handled to specify export settings. The ExportContext.SetFixedHeader event method is used to anchor the output document's header to the top, and to set the fixed header height. The ExportContext.SetFixedHeader method is called to add the AutoFilter button to the document's cells corresponding to the grid column headers.

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