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How to use the Web Report Designer in a DevExtreme application

Starting with v18.1, the DevExtreme hybrid mobile-related tools and the demonstrated integration approach are deprecated. See this blog post for more information.

Refer to the following online example for an alternative integration approach: How to use the Web Report Designer in JavaScript.

This example illustrates how to integrate the End-User Web Report Designer into a DevExtreme application.

The example consists of two projects: a server (backend) project in ASP.NET MVC implementation and a client (frontend) DevExtreme application, which includes all necessary styles, scripts, and HTML-templates.

For a step-by-step tutorial, refer to the following document: Report Designer Integration into a DevExtreme application.


To download all necessary client resources for this example, open the console, navigate to the client-side folder and run the following command:
bower install

Some modules may not be downloaded (or downloaded incorrectly) on a machine that does not have Git (https://git-scm.com/) installed on it. In this example, all client resources are downloaded and installed in advance.

The "Restore Bower packages" operation in Visual Studio may be executed incorrectly if the downloaded version is different from the last one.

This is a known issue on part of Visual Studio (https://github.com/aspnet/Tooling/issues/575) and we recommend that you use the solution provided in the following article: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37584520/bootstrap-3-3-6-jquery-2-2-4-version-exception/38460014#38460014.