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Flyout Menu for .NET MAUI

DevExpress Mobile UI allows you to use a .NET cross-platform UI toolkit and C# to build native apps for iOS and Android.

DevExpress Mobile UI for .NET MAUI

The DevExpress Mobile UI for Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI is free of charge. To learn more about our offer and to reserve your copy, visit Free DevExpress Mobile UI for Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI.

What's in This Repository

In v22.1.1-pre-22115, the DevExpress Mobile UI for .NET MAUI suite does not include the TabPage, DrawerPage, and DrawerView components that were supported in previous previews. See the following breaking change for more information: Navigation controls for .NET MAUI have been removed.

This example shows how to replace the DrawerView with the FlyoutPage to implement a similar functionality. See the following pull request for changes: Replace drawer with flyout.

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