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CustomFieldSort - How to Use a Hidden Field to Sort the Visible Field

[Run Online]

This example demonstrates how to sort a field (Sales_Person) by the hidden data field values (LastName).

Check the Enable Custom Sorting box to sort the Sales_Person values by LastName instead of the default alphabetical sorting order.

The enabled check box switches the PivotGridField.SortMode property to the Custom value. This setting allows the PivotGridControl to fire the CustomFieldSort event for that field using the PivotGridSettings.CustomFieldSort property.

The CustomFieldSort handler checks the e.SortLocation property to determine whether the field values are displayed in the pivot grid, or in the filter popup.

If the field is displayed in the pivot grid, the code compares values obtained from the LastName column and assigns the result to the e.Result property.

If the field is displayed in the filter popup, the e.ListSourceRowIndex1 and e.ListSourceRowIndex2 properties are always -1 and cannot be used to indicate the underlying data row. In this situation, the comparison algorithm processes the field value itself.

API in this example:

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