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WinForms SpreadsheetControl API - Part 2

This example is the second part of the SpreadsheetControl API set of examples that demonstrates how to use the SpreadsheetControl API to programmatically manage spreadsheet documents, without the need for Microsoft Excel to be installed.

This sample introduces API properties and methods used to perform the following operations:

- Insert, delete and modify pictures
- Add a hyperlink to a picture
- Add custom functions to the spreadsheet

Starting from v2013 vol.2:
- Create a table
- Apply a custom style to the table

Starting from v2014 vol.1:
- Protect a workbook
- Protect a worksheet
- Apply user-specific permissions to a range in a protected worksheet
- Sort a range in descending and ascending orders
- Sort using a custom comparer
- Sort by multiple columns
- Simple search
- Search with options
- Export to HTML

Starting from v2014 vol.2:
- Group and outline data
- Insert subtotals
- Filter the data by a list of values
- Apply a number filter
- Apply a text filter
- Apply a dynamic filter
- Sort the filtered data
- Specify the built-in document properties
- Specify the custom document properties

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