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@BingoRUS BingoRUS released this Mar 4, 2019 · 638 commits to 19_1 since this release

New Features

  • Data Visualization

    • The new customizeItems option allows you to customize legend items order and visibility. You also can set a title for the legend. Check live examples (jQuery, Angular) and join the discussion to share your feedback.
    • The new viz.exportWidgets method provides the capability to export several charts to a single PNG image and to control how charts are layed out on exporting. Check the live example here.
    • The new stickyHovering option specifies whether a point should remain in the hover state when the mouse pointer moves away: when it's set to true, a point remains in the hover state until the mouse pointer moves over to another point or outside the chart plot.
    • The new axis.constantLines.displayBehindSeries option provides the capability to specify whether constant lines should be behind or above series.
  • DataGrid

    • The new keyboardNavigation option group helps you customize keyboard navigation (live example - jQuery, Angular):
      • keyboardNavigation.enterKeyAction specifies the widget's actions when a user presses the Enter key (accepted values moveFocus and startEdit);
      • keyboardNavigation.enterKeyDirection specifies the direction of moving focus when a user presses Enter;
      • keyboardNavigation.editOnKeyPress specifies whether to start entering a new cell value on a key press.


npm i devextreme@19.1.1-alpha-19060-1456

In case of using Angular, React or Vue, add one of integration packages:

npm i devextreme-angular@19.1.1-alpha-19060-1456
npm i devextreme-react@19.1.1-alpha-19060-1456
npm i devextreme-vue@19.1.1-alpha-19060-1456
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