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@BingoRUS BingoRUS released this Apr 26, 2019 · 309 commits to 19_1 since this release

New Features

  • DataGrid/TreeList - editing and event improvements

    • The editing.selectTextOnEditStart option specifies whether to select text in a cell when a user starts editing.
    • The editing.startEditAction allows to choose the event that switches a cell to editing state - click or double click. This option applies only for cell and batch editing modes.
    • The new onCellDblClick and onRowDblClick options help to execute a function when a cell/row is double-clicked or double-tapped.
  • New Material Compact theme set

    • All 10 DevExtreme Material light and dark themes now have appropriate compact variants. Use one of the CSS files listed below:
      • dx.material.lime.dark.compact.css,
      • dx.material.lime.light.compact.css,
      • dx.material.purple.dark.compact.css,
      • dx.material.purple.light.compact.css,
      • dx.material.teal.dark.compact.css,
      • dx.material.teal.light.compact.css.


npm i devextreme@19.1.1-alpha-19101-0307

In case of using Angular, React or Vue, add one of integration packages:

npm i devextreme-angular@19.1.1-alpha-19101-0307
npm i devextreme-react@19.1.1-alpha-19101-0307
npm i devextreme-vue@19.1.1-alpha-19101-0307
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