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DevExpress ASP.NET Core Bootstrap starter project

  This project demonstrates how to use our set of controls for the ASP.NET Core 2.1 framework. This project contains a simple Registration form and GridView that supports data editing. You can use the project to get started with your next ASP.NET Core project (see A Boilerplate-only Option for details). All required DevExpress references are already included.   There's also a docker image that contains this project running on Ubuntu!    

Getting Started

  1. Download and install .NET Core 2.1 SDK.
  2. Clone the demo project.
  3. Open the project's root folder.
  4. Open Console and type the following commands in it:
    • dotnet restore
    • dotnet run  

Run in Docker 

  1. Get Docker
  2. docker run --rm -ti -p 5000:5000 devexpress/bootstrap-aspnetcore-starter
  3. Navigate to http://localhost:5000  

A Boilerplate-only Option 

If you would prefer to delete sample data from this project, remove the following files and folders: Controllers/SampleController.cs, Data, Models/NorthwindContext.cs, Models/Person.cs, Views/Sample.  

Online demos 

Visit our ASP.NET Core Bootstrap demos to see what components are already available. Use them in the attached sample project to see how they work on your side.  

Provide feedback 

Please provide us with feedback via the DevExpress Support Center.