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Using the DevExtreme Angular Integration with Ionic 2

Create an Application

Create an Ionic 2 application as described in the Ionic 2 Tutorial.

Install DevExtreme Angular Integration

Once the application is created, install DevExtreme Angular integration npm package. Run the following command in the command prompt.

npm install --save devextreme devextreme-angular

Configure Ionic 2 for DevExtreme

To use DevExtreme within the Ionic 2 application, import the required separate modules or entire DevExtreme to this application within the "src\app\app.module.ts" file.

//Imports a separate module
import { DxButtonModule } from 'devextreme-angular/ui/button'; 

//Imports the entire DevExtreme
import { DevExtremeModule } from 'devextreme-angular'; 

Add the imported modules to application imports:

    imports: [ 

Copy DevExtreme Stylesheets

DevExtreme style sheets are stored in the "node-modules\devextreme\dist\css" folder. You should copy them to the "www\assets\css" folder. You can do it manually, or use ionic build tools to copy style sheets during the build process. In the second case, create a new file "copy.config.js" in the application root folder.

Add the following item to the "copy" configuration.

var copy = require('@ionic/app-scripts/config/copy.config.js');

copy.copyStyleSheets = {
  src: ['{{ROOT}}/node_modules/devextreme/dist/css/**/*'],
  dest: '{{WWW}}/assets/css'

module.exports = copy;

Reference the created config within the package.json file by adding the "config" section.

"config" : {
    "ionic_copy": "./copy.config.js"

Add links to the required stylesheets to the head section of the "src\index.html" file.

<link href="assets/css/dx.common.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="assets/css/dx.light.css" rel="stylesheet">

Add a DevExtreme Component

After you have performed all steps described above, you can use DevExtreme controls on application views. To try how it works, add a button widget to the "src\pages\hello-ionic\hello-ionic.html" file.

. . .
<ion-content padding>
    <h3>Welcome to your first Ionic app!</h3>
    <dx-button text="Hello world"></dx-button>
. . .

For more information on working with DevExtreme controls in Angular approach, refer to the DevExtreme-Angular library description.

Run the Application

Run the app using the following command

ionic serve