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Mavlink 2 DuplexEx conversion
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Version 2.0 (c) Radek Voltr, , @RVoltr (c) contribution and fixes - mtbsteve, noradtux, helmarw , see GitHub Repo

Mav2Ex Changes

  • Arduino 1.8.2 compatible
  • Changed value ranges (see bellow)
  • Mega32u4 processor supported (Arduino Leonardo and Pro Mini)

Jetibox Library Changes

  • improved timing
  • additional hardware support (Mega32u4, Tiny85)
  • memory and speed improvements
  • resistor 4.7k is not needed and you can use direct wire connection to pin 9 (for example, must support interrupt)
  • almost all data formats supported (int22 was ignored as currently non sense)

Values and ranges

-31 to 31 - Mode, GPS Lock type, GPS Sat Count

-8191 to 8191 - Altitude, Bat %, Heading , Home Distance (in default mode, long range mode is commented)

-819.1 to 819.1 - Climb rate, Speed, Batt Voltage & Current, Pitch/Roll angle

-81.91 to 81.91 - HDOP

-536870911 to 536870911 Battery Capacity, Home Distance (long range mode)

Version 1.1 (c) - (c) Contributors, please check history on GitHub for detailed list

Fixes :

  • Arduino 1.6.2. compatible
  • GPS in EX format fixed (Thanks for cooperation!!)


  • Arduino Pro Mini (or similar) with 5V / 16Mhz and ATMega 328
  • 4.7k
  • GND/RX connection to Mavlink capable board (Arducopter/MegaPirateNG) with OSD telemetry output allowed (same config as MinimOSD)
  • servo connector for connection between Arduino and Jeti receiver (insert into telemetry socket)
  • Duplex capable transmitter (old JetiBox, new Jeti transmitter or Jetibox Profi)


  • Arduino reseting
  • measure your voltage for RC. If it is bellow or on 5V, connect to VCC instead of RAW pin on Arduino (!!WARNING , Higher than 5V voltage can smoke your Arduino)
  • Speed update on data is slow
  • version 1.0 have major improvement in this area, it should be ok
  • Speed of EX telemetry is slow than text one
  • this is by design of protocol. You can speed it up with commenting lines with
  • JB.addData(ITEMNAME_1,ITEMTYPE_1); and JB.setValue(1,ITEMVAL_1); (with ID of data which you don't want)
  • speed and ammount of data in text protocol will keep same
  • We are not recommend to remove Home Dist parameter and have activated automatic record. This can help you with copter find in case of crash
  • Future development
  • Define base selection of items for Ex protocol
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