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The Best Twitch Bot Ever

This is obviously the best twitch bot ever made.

I used tmi.js for creating the connection with a twitch channel, this library uses the irc package.

So far the following commands have been implemented:

  • !about: displays a welcome message and a list with the available commands.
  • !hello: displays the callee's username with a random message after it.
  • !saymyname: PogChamp
  • !rollthedice: rolls a 20 sided dice, your score is accumulted and saved in a local file so the next time the stream starts it will still be there.
  • !dicestats: displays your accumulated dice score.
  • !currentsong: displays the song that is currently playing in spotify

Commands to be implemented:

  • !songrequest: adds a song to the spotify playlist... somehow