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This repository contains various code examples, show notes and presentations I've held.

##Nordic_Ruby_2012-06-16_FUD 2.5 minute lightning talk about not letting fear control your actions held at Nordic Ruby on 2012-06-16.

##GTUG_2012-06-12_Ruby_beyond_Rails Introduction to the Ruby ecosystem held at Stockholm Google Technology User Group (GTUG) meetup in Stockholm on 2012-06-12.

##Language_Unconference_2011-11-29_CS Introductory CoffeeScript examples and snippets used for teaching CoffeeScript at Mejsla's language unconference held in Stockholm on 2011-11-29.

##SHRUG_2011-04-13_PDF An introduction to the Ruby gems Prawn, PDFKit and Wicked PDF held at the Stockholm Ruby user group meeting (SHRUG) hosted by TV4 on 2011-04-13. The presentation is in Swedish, but the (very) simple examples are in English.

##CONTACT Lennart Fridén

Github: DevL

Twitter: @DevLCSC